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Rachel Sheffield asked 1 year ago
  1. I do not have a computer or Wi-Fi or anything but my Android phone with METROPCS my phone was hacked after talking to suspicious party on Google duo for the first and last time. It completely erased and corrupted my SD card to the point it will not even reformat. Then on 7/21/19 they hacked my phone again and literally while I watched deleted my internal storage on the same phone but only screenshots of texts and research with ex husband. My location constantly jumped around visibly on the phone. I changed my passwords and got 2 step verification it's gmail. I have had Google accountfor 8 years it has all my legal emails all my pictures of our daughter from birth to now 7 years. Then on 8/6/19 they got into my Google photos and started deleting pics of texts screenshots and pics of my daughter. I immediately logged out and did not use my phone at all.  Google photos started showing locations of pics all over the globe Russia to Japan to the USS Birmingham in Alabama but only on pics of texts and research.  Then they tried to root my phone. I did not log back in to that Google account on anything except my mom's phone but only gmail unsynced.  They also would turn my phone camera on and take pics and videos without me knowing.  I got an old phone I hadn't used before and deactivated my old phone and number as well as my mom's number too on Sept 5 2019 I did not do any backup on the old hacked phone for free something identifying would be discovered by the hacker. I was going to log in to my old Google account that was hacked and buy Google one and retire it immediately but just using chrome not linking it to new device.  It completely locked me out because my recovery email didn't update so I didn't receive link to reset password and do 2 step verification until 3 days later now I might not get the only copy of my daughter life in pics and legal documents.  I also tried on new phone to log into Facebook and somehow ended up in a guys FB I did not know at all so I reported my mistake to Facebook and deleted his information completely.  I tried logging in to my Facebook and it said my ip was not recognized so it requested a picture of my birth certificate then sent me verification codes 2 at a time but different codes text to me but none worked that was on Sept 5 2019 I have not heard from Facebook about my account.  
  2. So this is the creepy thing I created a brand new Google account on my new device with new phone number on Sept 5 2019 to only use on this phone.  I kept getting security notifications about changes to recovery email phone name etc. I went to activity and I found 2 devices LG K8(2018) and LG K9 logged into this brand new Google account.  I tried everything to log them out but every time I did one device log out within 30minutes it would log back in.  They also go back and forth saying they are the device in use first sign in Sept 5 also have 2 different Ipv6 addresses usually located in Bellevue WA sometimes in L.A. CA by Watts.  The device I use is neither an LG K9 or an LG k8(2018). My old device is an LG k20 and this device reads sometimes as an LGE X(210)MA but this has never signed in a different version of it does occasionally LG X210(G).  My ip addresses in my settings in about phone keeps changing every couple of hours.  I got very frustrated at not being alone in my phone again and was reading Google legal documents and it asked if I wanted to sign my account in there so I did, and I'll be damned a new device was entered with the correct ipv6 address reading as unknown android device. So I called Google and they asked me to send them screenshots of the devices and information and process of locating devices which it did for both LG phones with ips etc... I took all the screenshots and attached them to the gmail from Google support and sent it.  The Google lady called me back and said she could not open attachments at all.  I resent it many times to no avail.  I finally told the Google lady I gave up and completely logged out of all Google services on phone attached to my new Google account on Sept 7 2019.  I logged back in on Sept 11 2019 it still read LG k9 and LG K8(2018) both on account within 15 minutes.  I also logged into my new yahoo account and it read 3 devices in my account one was me the other 2 read android unknown with different ipv6 addresses. Neither email is syncing at all. I am not getting or able to make any connecting phone calls.  All texts from yahoo or Google with verification codes all ways come 2 at a time but 2 different texts with different codes same with yahoo.  Then I tried to access my METROPCS account and my pin I had just updated on Sept 7 was wrong and I am now locked out of that account as well.  The METROPCS account also sent verification codes 2 at a time with different codes that did not work also it says my mom's phone has used 10gigs of data in 11 days which is wrong and our account plan has been changed but not by me.  I have to go to a METROPCS STORE and show my ID to reset my pin for account access.  
  3. What I need help with is How and why do my ipv6 address keep changing. 
  4. How can I keep the devices out of my new Google account and sign in the device I am on. 
  5. Do you think my hacker has found me again my camera has been turning on by itself and everything seems wrong.
  6. Who do I ask for help is it a phone thing with METROPCS or a Google thing and Facebook thing?
  7. Also would my mom's phone have the same ipv4 address as me? But different ipv6 addresses?
  8. Last, is there anything I can do to hide any identifying information from showing up immediately to help hide from my hacker?
  9. Last how can I possibly prove that my ex and his family is doing this the TX ag and AZ ag are both involved and are pushing to go after them for just about anything.
  10. Please help me I honestly just want a phone I can be alone in and I need my Google photos back I want to have my Google and Facebook to get my contacts and keep connected with my friends and family. 
  11. Who should I contact first and should I scrap that new Google account since it has always had the wrong devices logged in?
  12. Any help would be extremely appreciated I honestly am about to give up and just unplug no phone or internet because I feel so trespasses and creeped out and tired of fighting for privacy and control of my accounts.
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wimiadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

1. WOW! But you seem to have done the right thing. I hope you were thorough in verifying that facebook was the one to receive a copy of your birth certificate though.
2. WOW again! But you seem to be headed in the right direction.
3. It's not uncommon for IPs to change frequently on mobile devices.
4. I would go to the library and create a new google account using a computer. Look at the devices logged in. Also make sure you use a strong password. Did any apps follow you from the old/hacked phone? If so, delete those apps unless they're made by reputable developers.
5. This is why I think it's possibly an app that you may be installing. The only other link would be METROPCS.
6. To eliminate METROPCS from the scenario, use a computer at your local library to connect with Google and Facebook. If there are no issues, this means the vulnerability is specifically on the phone.
7. Your moms phone could have the same IPv4 as you if you were on a WiFi network together. But you stated you don't have WiFi so the only other explanation for this would be METROPCS using a proxy server and all of your traffic is being routed through this IP. Depending on how METROPCS routes traffic would give different IPv6 addresses.
8. I would change the password and PIN on your METROPCS account. Again, make sure the password is really strong and not a slight variation of a previously used password.
9. Save screenshots.
10. This is hopefully where the library computer can help get you back into your account by eliminating the phone.
11. I would attempt a login to the original google account from a library computer to get the status. If you're able to gain access, perhaps create a free account with Dropbox or OneDrive and move the photos to those services as well for backups.
12. Good luck. Two step verification is also recommended in this situation. A little bit of a pain, but seemingly necessary in your case.

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