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Swifty asked 3 years ago

I've just installed a Wanscam HD0024 and it works via Ethernet cable.
I've found my way to the WiFi configuration, and checked "Use Wireless Network" but cannot find any way to detect, or enter my WiFi details (such as SSID). My SSID is not hidden. I can almost touch the router from the camera (at the moment).
The software is Wanscam Monitoring Platform V1.0.23.1021 - just downloaded and installed.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Swifty,

Thanks for joining our forum and for the question.

Once you login to the camera, you should be able to find a setup icon. Maybe a hammer and wrench crisscrossed. Or something similar. If you click that setup icon, there should be a section dedicated to the wireless setup of the camera.

I was able to find this instruction manual. It looks like it should cover what you need. http://www.wanscam.com/xiazai/download/HW_WANSCAM-Quick-Setup-Guide-of-Wanscam-IPCamera.pdf

Let us know if this helps solve your issue.

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