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Jamesclark Francisco asked 3 years ago

I have been reading the previous thread regarding VPN. I am a user of VPN from my home to my office server. However, we recently had to change from a direct wireless link from my office to the central office (ISP)of the telephone company (Daystar) we used to a land line DSL. Now my VPN will not work. The ISP gave me the new IP address for the DSL, and put it into the router (CISCO). I do not think they changed anything else in the router. We can access the internet from the office lan, but I cannot get into the office network via the VPN router. The ISP went from a direct link to verizon to (supposedly) their switch. I suspect that I need the DNS IP from verizon.

Any ideas on this.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I'd make sure they're not blocking any ports that would prevent a VPN connection.

Yeah....also, if they plugged in the new IP in to the CISCO router, but didn't updated the DNS, gateway, etc., then the connection would probably establish, but wouldn't go any further.

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