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Omman asked 3 years ago


I am bit of a novice here so I appreciate anyone's answers.

In the past I have used a proxy address for various uses on the internet but I have also used a VPN for work-related access.

It seems as though the VPN is interfering with proxy use, does this happen. If so, how can I disconnect from the VPN?

In the past, if I entered a proxy IP address in my settings and then visited WIMI it gave me the proxy ip detected and said there may be a proxy. After using a VPN when I enter a proxy in settings and visit WIMI it gives me my actual IP address then lists "Other IPS" where it shows the proxy one and states there may be a proxy. How do I get that first line removed?

The computer I use for the VPN is powered down and disconnected. Perhaps I am misidentifying the problem?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Omman.

I don't really know why a VPN would cause a problem for a proxy but why would you want to do both? You loose Internet speed with each. When you use both together, it would likely more then double the speed loss of either one used alone due to extreme latency.

As far as disconnecting from the VPN, it depends on the protocol and client used.

The change to displaying your real IP when you use the proxy and the VPN may be due to the protocol your using for the VPN. Not all VPN connections will mask your IP as is the case with the OpenVPN server that is used in the Untangle Routers. They only map relevant traffic through the VPN while all standard Internet access is outside the tunnel through your real IP.

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