VPN confuses your application.

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Blue Sun asked 2 years ago

I am using a VPN. Your app shows wrong IP from wrong state - one state over. It is not my VPN url or my real url. Your speed test shows a ping of over 500 ms and download speed of only 5 Mbps. Another site shows correct VPN IP, a ping of only 49 ms and download speed of over 20 Mbps (speed w/o VPN is 150+ Mbps).  Why are you so off on everything?

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

We only show what the connection is sending us using the information provided. If the other site prompts you to share your location and you choose 'allow', then a local script is run to get your real IP. At this time we don't do this because we want our users to see what information others see using only the naturally provided data.

Speed tests vary based on server location to your location. Perhaps the other site has a closer server to the VPN server.

It could also be the way the VPN routes traffic.

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