viewing my dvr cameras on my pc.

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maxinho asked 4 years ago

hi to all.

i need help to get my dvr cameras working on my pc from home witch is where the cameras are.

i have a dvr system linked in to my router as well as a four port switch with i have a satellite receiver plugged in to. ( i can connect to my browser and see the box but not the cameras system. )

i have look at the ip address of the dvr and typed it in the browser and i get nothing.

any ideas?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for joining the forum.

I've got an 8 cam dvr system that came with software to access the cams from both my internal network and external network. However, if I don't want to use the software, I can still access the system via Internet Explorer, but no other browser.

As for accessing the cameras from outside of your network, I had to forward 3 ports. 80 for http access and ports 5920 and 5921 that are custom to the dvr.

So first, I'd say attempt to connect using any custom software that may have come with the dvr. Secondly, try Internet Explorer. In IE, you'll need to type http://ip of the dvr. If you don't put the http:// in front of the ip, you probably won't connect via the web interface.

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