Viewing DVR over internet

ansh_jain asked 3 years ago


This is my first port.
I have a triplex dvr and a cisco router.
I want to view my dvr online from my home.

I have the IP port and the Ip address of my DVR.
I sent up port forwarding on my linksys router with the port number and IP od my dvr.

When i put in my public IP address in my browser, it says it cannot connect.

When on the same network, iput the private IP of my dvr:port number, i dont get a response.
I can ping the private IP though.

Is there anything that i am doing wrong, or do i need some software and cannot view it directly on my browser ?


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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question ansh_jain.

How did you determine what port to forward or use for accessing the DVR?

What type of DVR is it? Home Built? Store Built?

Make and Model of the DVR?

Does it have some type of server app in it that should allow you to connect to it?

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