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jyatesmp asked 3 years ago

I am trying to connect my home security dvr to my in home network and am having a hard time. I am unsure what to set the settings (IP, Gateway, Netmask, DNS, Port are the options I have) on my dvr system to. Also I am unsure if I need to change anything on my modem or how to do so. I do not know much about any of the terms I have listed above.

Thanks for the help.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question jyatesmp.
If you go to a computer that is on your local network, go to Start > Run > cmd and hit enter. In the black window, type ipconfig and look for your Local Area Connection adapter in the list of devices. That will list your IP, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
Access your router at the Default Gateway address. It should be something like: or
In the router, look for the DHCP Server settings. You need to discover the range of addresses it will assign to whatever connects to it. It will usually be something like to or it will list a single IP and have an entry for how many entries it will allow. Make a note of the DHCP range.
Enter the setup of the DVR. Set the IP to something on the correct subnet(the first 3 sets of numbers in your Default Gateway IP)like 192.168.1 and set the final set of numbers to something between .2 and .254 but not within the range of the DHCP server. Set the subnet mask to and set both the Gateway and DNS to whatever your Default Gateway was in ipconfig. The port can be pretty much anything you want it to be. The normal port for external access would be port 80 but that will be probed by bots all day every day. Port 8080 is also fairly common. I would suggest something like port 8085.
Then re-enter the router and set a port forward on whatever port you use to the IP address you set in the DVR.
For local access, use your browser to go to http:// with a : then the port number. If you set the port on the DVR to 80, you don't need to specify a port, the browser will automatically seek port 80. For external access, go to our home page. That will give you your external IP to use to access the DVR from anywhere.
You need to know that being on a residential DSL connection, your external IP address will probably change frequently. You may want to look into a dynamic DNS service that will keep you configured for the current IP address all the time. Alternatively, you could contact your ISP to see if they will either assign a static IP or make your IP sticky using the MAC address of the router.

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