Varied Link Speed

Eternal-Noir asked 3 years ago

My ADSL service is for 16 MB's. However, it does not run at 16 MB's. Before my upgrade to 16 MB's, I was connected to a 8MB service.

This 8MB service listed as being connected at 7MB~ ish.

This 16 MB connection acts differently though. When I first got the connection upgraded, the router listed as being connected ata rate of 26MB~ for a couple of weeks. Now it hovers about 19MB - 20MB~ ish.

Is it normal for a ADSL connection to vary like this?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

What are you using to determine what your connection speed is.

A lot of the ISP's use a snapshot of your initial connection speed. It's not usually very accurate and is just a single snapshot of your connection when it's first initiated. This was very common with the dialup ISP's. They would show a connection of 42k but you were lucky if you were getting 28k most of the time.

I would suggest trying our speedtest.

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