using vpntunnel – u still know my real ip… why?

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afluk asked 3 years ago

hey there,

im aware this might be a very stupid question as im not exactly a techie... but i just gotta ask...

i just bought one month of OPEN VPN at

i checked this site to verify if the vpn was working... but u still showed my real ip. not the one assigned to me by the tunnel-guys.

can u explain why this is? maybe even what settings i have to change to hide my ip better? im not up to anything illegal... just concerned of my privacy. i dont se the use of the vpn if its that easy to trace my real ip?

cheers, annika

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question afluk.

I don't know exactly what processes our home page uses to determine IP's but I know it's more complicated then a simple PHP script.

Using VPN's can but won't always hide your IP. It depends a lot on how the VPN service is setup.

Proxies can also hide your IP but again it depends on how they are setup.

I would also note that when IPV6 becomes the standard, I don't think there will be as many ways to "hide" your IP.

Also, I don't believe that hiding your IP improves security for an individual at all. That's all hype and BS promoted by the companies selling the VPN and Proxy services. An IP address is not like a physical address. It does not identify you or your physical location other then the approximate area your in.

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