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buzzie asked 3 years ago

I use an invisible browsing program that allows me to select which isp or proxy server I want to connect through and show as my ip address. The question is when using voip like Skype can these calls be traced back to my original IP address or would they show the proxied Ip address?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

It depends on how the proxy is set up and the detection methods used on the website end. If you hook up to this proxy and go to our homepage does it show your correct IP and does it say "Possible Proxy Detected"? We don't use every method in the book to detect proxies....we only use the more standardized versions.

But in the end.....yes, your original IP can most likely be detected in someones log files, etc. Using a proxy will make it tougher, but not impossible.

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