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killua asked 3 years ago


i play an online game, and i gave my account info to 2 persons in-game which i trusted. one day i logged to see all my items stolen. i asked the GMs about the ip that logged my acc that day, and they gave me it. it matches to one of the 2 people which had my acc info, but that person says he is being set up. so the question is, can someone know the IP address of someone else, then change his IP to that IP and log my acc and steal my stuff in the name of the other person? and if so. can the GMs of the game find it out with further investigation? and figure out the real culprit?

thank you

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

It's possible to spoof an IP address but it would have to be someone that knows you or the person who's IP was spoofed for them to know what IP to spoof. The of someone randomly choosing THAT EXACT IP are about 4 billion to one.

I would suspect the friend that had access.

Not intending to be rude but this goes to exemplify why you should never share your account login information with anyone.

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