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grantcalkins asked 3 years ago

😡  I use the "DHCP Server" setting in my Lynksys router. Recently, following router power-off for a short while, my IP address had changed!, 😡 What gives here?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question grantcalkins.

I will assume you are referring to your external IP Address which is the one you see when you visit our homepage.

An increasing number of ISP's are moving to rotating IP Addresses under the guise of improving your security. The reality is that changing IP's does not improve your security, it prevents the average user from running a server from their residential account, saving the ISP bandwidth which translates to money.

If you have a security system at your residence that you would like to access from remote locations, you can either subscribe to a Dynamic DNS Service or you can contact your ISP and ask them to remove you from the pool so your IP stays the same so you can access your cameras remotely.

The Dynamic DNS service gives you a URL to go to and they run a software on your network that keeps them updated as to your current IP so your access remains reliable.

If your running a game server or a web server, the only probable solution would be the Dynamic DNS Service. It's unlikely your ISP will help you maintain these servers on a residential account.

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