Unique Multiple Router setup

Auzern asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to work with new home setup and I'm having difficulty. I cannot connect to the internet using this method (See the pic below). Can anyone please can guide me on how to make this setup work with all the computers being able to connect to the internet?
Here is the image:

Thank you in advance.

2 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Turn off DHCP on the "B" router.

aprotosimaki answered 3 years ago

Although you are using two routers, only the device connected to your ISP will route; the second device will be a switch.

So your first step (as already pointed out) is to get router A working with your ISP.

Router A should also be configured to run DHCP services.

Once you can connect to the Internet via router A the rest should be easy.

Plug router B. into router A. but do not use Router B's WAN/DSL port for this. Just use one of the ports that you would normally plug a computer into. You seem to be doing this anyway. Also make sure router B. does not run any DHCP services (as also pointed out already).

The wirewall stuff will work seamlessly as long as both devices use the same SSID, etc.

One stumbling block might be that computer 7. is using router's B. WAN link. I would not perform any testing using that port. It could muddy the waters.

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