Understanding my IP address and how to find it

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shelliann1 asked 3 years ago

Forgive me, but I am new to this site and don't know my way around, although I did read several info., policies, rules, etc. about this site and usage, until I'm blue in the face. I am also NOT tech savvy, by any means, I'm not even sure if this is how I'm supposed to ask a question, but can't find where else to do so. I went to several sites to try and figure out my IP address, looking thru my computer system and other means did not reveal it, even though with one search, I was chatting with my ISP and was told to type in commands, etc. still no answer as to my IP address. Finally I went to DSLreports.com and it gave me what was supposed to be my Ip address. One problem is that is states it belongs to some company in another town, and that there is nothing detected running at that address. (very confusing) Also confusing, is the fact that I'm being blocked by Comcast, supposedly my server is, due to spam, and I'm cut off from sending any mail to their subscribers and I haven't done anything wrong to be blocked. I've waited days sending countles emails and chatted online, with my ISP, since they won't take calls, was on the phone with Comcast tech support and even filled out a form online with the Ip address and my email address it asked for to resolve the issue on be off the blocked list, their response was that the IP address I provided isn't on a block list! I got the number from where the tech agent told me to get it, from the "undeliverable mail" message that was sent to me. So, that doesn't make sense, if it's my IP, why are they saying it's not on the block list at all. If the number is just a server Ip address, belonging to my ISP, then that should have been on the block list, since the server I have is being blocked, and furthermore, whey doe the IP add. showing on the return mail message, not match the one I apparently have, according to dsl reports.com? Not to mention the one THAT website says is mine doesn't match my location or anything related to me and my computer? As you can see for a novice like myself, this can be very frustrating. I'd like to figure out more about IP addresses, whose is listed on my return mail, if the one I have is correct and why does a stupid form from Comcast say it's not on a blocked list...it just keeps going in circles and deeper rabbit holes! Can anyone out there in this Twilight Zone world help me? PLEASE!!!!  😕

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question shelliann1, I'll have a few questions in a minute but lets try to understand IP addresses in general first.

IP Addresses are much like street addresses in the sense that every address is unique although they are not locked to a specific location like a stret address, they are generally locked to a specific company such as an ISP. You will usually have two IP's for your computer. One is the Internal IP which is always in one of three subnets as follows. - - -

The other is the external IP which is usually assigned by your ISP. It will not normally be in the subnet ranges listed above but may be sometimes when an ISP has more customers then they do IP addresses available.

You have indicated that your ISP is Comcast but your IP does not show that, it belongs to Starnet.

To discover your Internal IP address, go to a Command prompt and type "ipconfig" and hit enter.

To discover your External IP, go to our home page, then click on the "More IP Information" button to see the information related to that IP Address.

You said your email is being blocked by Comcast.
Are you running an email server in your home?? Most ISP's block residential users from running a mail server to prevent spam.

It is unlikely that a non-techy person would be running their own mail server so you need to consider that the mail service you use also has an IP address that will be different from yours. If you are referring to the email service that you registered with, they may be being blocked by some other email services including Comcast, AOL and many others. They are known to send large numbers of emails through their recruiting campaigns which can get them blocked.

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