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flemmy asked 3 years ago

I am new here,and ty for all the great advice-but i do not no where to post a thread or bulletin,i also have linkseys router,trying to reset my ip address,i shut my modem,router,computer off over night but still had same ip,then i tried to do command prompt-ipcongig/release then ipcongig.renew,also tried 2 manually add a fake ip,then switched it back to automatic ip connection--all have given me same ip address!!If anyone can help me would be awseome,ty!!

3 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Your ISP may have your IP in sort of a static mode. Perhaps the best thing you can do at this point is to contact them and find out how IPs are assigned (static or dhcp) and we can go from there. It will also be helpful if they can tell you the lease time.

flemmy answered 3 years ago

thanks for all the help,my isp was on a short term lease,resetted my modem,and was able to get a new ip-thanks wimiadmin:)

flemmy answered 3 years ago

Hello once again,just want to say this is the most helpful site i have ever been apart of-My question is how can i change my Ip address?I have a linkseys router and a cable modem,unplugged both over night,reset my modem and router,did the comand prompt page did ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew,and still had same Ip address.I also tried to do the ipv4 and put in fake ip address,and then tried to obtain one automatically,but still gave me same address--Just confused i did something twice before and gave me different ip,just forgot how to do it--thank you for your time--flemmy:)

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