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igotit asked 4 years ago

Hello to all and how you had a nice weekend, but now to the problem(smile) i just put cams outside and have them working great can even view them on the computer, but only on my wifi. I tried to learn to do port forward but i have verizon fios as my internet with a built in router, that i have hard wired to my netgear router which then connects to my stuff... is the ip i use to get to my netgear router page being my verizon router uses which should be for the netgear but i take it that the verizon router changes the netgear default ip. so when i try the port forward all info i find wants me to use the 198 instead of the 172, so im having problem forwarding a port. Can someone please help me


ps need both routers in the house and my computer has to use the netgear so taking it out is not a option

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question igotit.

I'm guessing that the cameras are also connected to the Netgear Router.

Using two Routers will always complicate the setup and in some cases may prevent external access which is what I think your after here.

If I understand your equipment correctly, you have Internet access through a Verizon FiOS connection. The WAN port of the Netgear Router is connected by wire to the Verizon Router and the Cameras/DVR and computer are connected to the Netgear.

To forward the port to the DVR or Camera for external access you need to forward the appropriate port in the Verizon Router to the IP it has assigned to the WAN Port of the Netgear Router. That is NOT the IP you use to connect to the Netgear Router. If the Verizon Router is using subnet for internal IP's, the Netgear WAN port will be on that subnet. You could also assign a static IP for the WAN port in the Netgear on the subnet the Verizon Router is using.

Then the Netgear Router needs to forward the same port to the IP of the DVR or Camera, whatever it is your trying to connect to.

igotit answered 4 years ago

major update i had to reset both router cuz of me messing got internet and all that but now i can not connect to my dvr thur my phone even on my own network , it did this when i first hooked them up but forgot what i did to fix them, guess i will go to sleep and try tomorrow

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