Trying to find someones real name

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navets asked 3 years ago

I've been having a hangout chat with someone who's too "painfully shy" than to give me a name. The person has used my own name to contact me and even when I see the google profile (it's a gmail account) they are using my first and last name as their gmail address. It's amazing someone has put me in their crosshairs that way. They're not saying anything threatening, just that they admire me and want to do so from afar. It is so weird. If I can find out who they are, it sure would make me feel better.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

There's not an easy way to find someone in this situation. If a direct connection is not made to your computer from their computer or device. Even then you'd only get their IP address and it would be difficult to find them without law enforcement getting involved. My best suggestion is to stop talking to them. You're probably only giving them more information to use against you.

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