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Robm4n asked 3 years ago

Hello new to these forums im a networking novice( dont really know anything) but i have comcast cable, which the modem is plugged into my belkin 150 then 1 laptop is wired off the router and my PC is wired off the router, i am trying to change my ip, i play a game called diablo 2 lod and if u join games too fast or its been ridiculous lately i get a 12 hour temp ban , meant for people who use bots and hacks and whatnot but since diablo 3 came out they dont care much about d2 anymore but legit players like myself are being banned for 12 hours at a time, and its an ip ban, so i need to change my ip can any1 help me out, and you will have to spell it out as said above im a networking retard.



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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

This isn't a hacking forum. We don't discuss bypassing or circumventing security for another site.

So here's the thing. Your IP address is basically controlled by Comcast. They decide what address to issue and for how long it's issued to you. It's called a lease, and if you think of it like an apartment lease, you'll get the gist of it. Unless you sign up for a static IP (which won't help what you're trying to do), Comcast uses a network service called DHCP to set all that IP addressing. You may find that if you plug a different device (i.e. your PC directly instead of the router) into the cable modem, then you get a different IP. But there are ways to prevent even that.

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