True Proxy Spoofing #2

HawkPunk asked 3 years ago

Since the thread - "Do you believe that True Proxy Spoofing is possible" has been locked. This new Thread has been opened for discussion and opinions.
True Proxy Spoofing is possible. Even the proxy detection tests on the best sites can be fooled.

No matter how high-end the test, It can be bested by better solutions. Technology is not finite, and there is no test which cannot be beaten.
Of the six major tests applied to an IP, The most feared and failed is The Wimia Test.

This is a dedicated Proxy Server in South Wales, Australia used to access this site (today). The fact that it will go on the blacklist as a proxy is of no consequence since another script can be used to achieve another False Negative.


the following result is from

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

It's a constant tug of war just like most things. People find new ways to disguise themselves and other people find new ways to discover them.

So is true proxy spoofing possible?
My answer is no, it will ultimately be discovered because the disguise is only temporary until some else finds a way to discover it.

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