Tricky DSL IP headache…any thoughts?

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docthecat asked 3 years ago

I used to have verizon DSL...and I could easily change IP by logging into the default gateway and terminating/reconnecting the session.

My contract with verizon was up so I tried another dynamic DSL provider. Where I live all competing DSL providers need to lease [I]through[/I] my new provider (in theory) should be working with the same IP pool as when I dealt directly with verizon?

However I am unable to force an IP change by terminating and reconnecting the session with this new provider...although my IP did change overnight?

I have a DLINK 2320b modem...and thoughts on how this modem or my cpu could be configured differently to allow me the freedom to swap IP's on demand again?

Its a PPPOE connection - running windows XP


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The way it probably works is that Verizon has given the new DSL company a block of IPs and the new company is responsible for assigning those IPs to their users. The new company probably has lease times built in where Verizon may not have.

Even though Verizon might 'own' the IPs you're getting assigned, the new company controls how they're controlled.

With that said, you may not be able to change any configuration on any of your devices to get a new IP like you've done in the past going directly to Verizon.

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