Tracking an individual by Admin , Limits?!

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alaWumi asked 3 years ago

If an admin has decided not to let one in bulletin forum, what are the limits?
How far can one track an individual? As far as I undestood VPN is of no use when it comes to tracking somebody...

Can someone explain?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

I don't have specific experience with V-Bulletin Admin access but most forum software allows the admin to block people by User Name, email address, email domain, IP, and in some cases MAC address when it can be detected. Unfortunately, someone that is persistent can use proxies or VPN and disposable email addresses to regain access.

On the WIMI forum, we require admin or mod approval before any new user can post. Along with email and IP blacklists, it allows us to prevent nearly all spam.

On my own web servers and forums, I block IP ranges at the Router so they never even get to the server to see whats there.

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