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Angela Vincent asked 1 year ago

Thank you in advance for anyone's help.
Yesterday, someone was able to login to my FaceBook Messenger account and sent obscene messages to my CHILDREN...
and, weirdly, to a couple of people I don't know: who I have now managed to resolve this hack issue with. They said the person hacking my messenger knew their address, as I confirmed reading the message thread. So, this scares me somewhat, for my family's safety.
The 'Hacker' changed my password but didn't do anything obvious on Facebook itself. My FB account is now secure, took a while but credit to FB security. Yet, this does not resolve how my messenger was attacked.
I have downloaded the FB activity and content zip file, which has all the IP logins listed.
Can I use the IP Address I suspect as the hacker to trace this person, obtain a phone number or any ID oriented info? Though I'm not confident that it's an IP used in Messenger itself.
Cheers for your patience, iI hope this makes sense to someone!
Thank you.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

You can use our IP Address Lookup tool to get the information about the IP addresses in your file. Keep in mind though that no IP Address information database is 100% accurate. Even if you do get a location, you won't get any other information like phone number, or any personal identification about the person who hacked your account. If you've changed your password to something more secure and have reported this incident to FB, then that's really all you can do. Stay diligent with passwords and monitor the activity logs on a regular basis.

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