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honey1002 asked 3 years ago

Can you get geolocation from an email address? What if the email account has been deleted? How accurate is geolocation?

Does GMAIL hide the senders IP address?

Can you use geolocation on an IP address if that IP address is not the current one being used on the router?

Sorry for all the shady questions. I do not know a much about this stuff but my daughter has some information that we need to get out. We just do not want to be traced since it could hurt us.

Thanks in advnace

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question honey1002.

The accuracy of geolocation as related to IP Addresses is dependent on who is doing the looking and what their motivation is.

In general, a normal geolocation search will usually get you to the correct city or one that borders the correct city.

If you do something illegal like threaten someone, the government has the ability to subpena the records from an ISP to see exactly who was using the specific IP at the time the threat was made.

So the answers to your questions are yes, you can get geolocation from an email through the emails header. Even if you delete the email account, the header may still contain the IP it was sent from and given the right circumstances, you could be found.

Gmail may or may not include the originating IP depending on how you use email. Using their Browser interface, gmail usually does not send the originating IP. Using a client like Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird, the originating IP is usually included as well as the Internal IP of the computer or device that sent the email. I don't use smart devices so I can't tell you how a smart phone would work with gmail. Perhaps someone else has something they could add in that regard.

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