Tracing an email on a collective account

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gabrielveras asked 4 years ago

I´m currently attending law school, and the class has an email account on Gmail, that we use to share study material.

Normally, we log into the Gmail account, and send an email to the same account, so it´s like "posting" things up...

One of the people in my class has been harassing some of the other students, through replies to already existent emails.

In order to end the childish riot started by the immature classmate, I´d like to trace the reply.

Is this possible? I know that separate emails coming fom different accounts display the IP of origin somewhere in the source code of the email, but that won´t help in this case...

Any help would bee greatly appreciated. Ty.

1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

unless the email was sent with an email client like thunderbird or outlook, your only hope is to contact google and ask

perhaps for something like what you are trying to do, a free forum service like will work for you

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