Tracing an email…. of someone that doesn’t want to be found. Help pretty please.

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Trace An EmailTracing an email…. of someone that doesn’t want to be found. Help pretty please.
Mira Anggraeni asked 3 years ago

Hello all,

I'm sorry for barging in here like this, and my first post turns out to be a question. I have been looking for answers, though... that's why i ended up here :rolleyes:

I will try to make this story as short as possible. [Removed irrelevant information] So her FB and hotmail got hacked.

[Removed irrelevant information]HIS FB got hacked. They sent me messages through his account. [Removed irrelevant information] Laptop was taken to a computer tech, he found where they had been getting in and collected all the info from... police got involved, FB started an investigation... laptop got send all over the country to find the source, but came back with no answer. FB's explanation was brief and short. They managed to retrieve the account, but cancelled it because it was to compromised.

I received an email from the hackers. In that email, they admit the crimes that have been done by them. Not only breaking into the laptop, but actually breaking into the house, to killing our cat, to physically harming my ex. [Removed irrelevant information]

Yes, this email was also found in his mailbox. Email has been showed to the police, but they're laughing with it. I have tried replying to the email, but it gets bounced back. Tried deciphering the header, which has ip's from both New Zealand and United States in it. Googled, searched on the social network sites... that email addy is nowhere to be found.

So i'm at a dead end here. Anyone have some pointers in what i can try? [Removed irrelevant information]

Thanks for reading, and a big thank you in advance for giving me some clues on where to go from here.

Apologies for barging in here with a problem like this.


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Breaking into a home is illegal, killing a cat is a felony in some states, and physically harming another person is assault. I'm not exactly sure why the cops are laughing as you state.
If you feel threatened, the cops should be your first point of contact. If they fail to pay attention, I'd contact an attorney.
You need to make sure you don't have a keylogger installed on your computer. Reputable malware detection software like can detect and uninstall in most cases. After you run this software, change ALL of your passwords to something more encrypted than what you're using now. Password is NOT a good password, but [email protected]$$w0rd123 is a somewhat strong password while being pretty easy to remember.
I'm going to edit your post to remove the 'drama' part about it. Although relevant to you, it's not relevant to finding the culprits.
As far as the email getting bounced, anyone can spoof an email. That's really simple. However, spoofing an IP is a bit more difficult. As a user, you'll only be able to trace the sender to a certain point. After which, you'll need to get law enforcement involved so they can contact the ISP which should be able to provide the senders details.

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