Tracing an email from Gmail from a Comcast account

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Dr. M 1968 asked 3 years ago

I was directed this way to get a little assistance with email tracing. I am in communication with someone who uses Gmail for their email account. I wanted to trace the origins of the email to see how legit the person is behind the emails. I want to know where it is coming from and any other info about the account being used. Can you help?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Dr. M.

Have you been able to obtain the IP address via the email header?

When you say Comcast, do you mean their online email or are you using Outlook or another email program.

Retrieving the header is very similar across all platforms. You need to look at 'more options' with the email. Once you find the originating IP you run that through our IP Lookup tool. This will give you the city and the ISP to which the IP is assigned.

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