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asif m asked 3 years ago

I am totally fetal in my computer skill set, but I managed to trace emails via their IPs to (no suprise to any of you with experience) Mac's headquarters in Cupertino, which does very little good for my needs.

I did get someone to open up the headers for me.

One of the emails,let's say from Jerko, has an forwarded email in it from PossibleSockPuppet, and since I had someone more computer savvy than I run the headers, I saw an IP from Miami (Jerko lives in a different state, PSP seems to live in NY--)

So does this extra IP mean that the forwarded email originated in Miami from say a hotel server or cafe or someplace with teh internets?

Thanks for helping a damsel save a family member from a scamming relative.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The extra IP being from Miami is quite possible where the email originated from however, it could also just be the IP of a 'hop' the email went through to get to you. Sort of like a package being shipped via FedEx go through Memphis, but Memphis wasn't the originating point of the package....just a stop along the way.

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