trace reliability of where they say they are..

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steelau asked 3 years ago

I am currently married to a foreign woman. I live in the US and she is staying in another country for 6 months before we can rejoin here in the US.

We have been corresponding thrr emails almost every day except when we talk on the phone.
she has been having internet problems, she says, which each week for the last month has kept us from emailing as much as we like.

My question is: she will tell me she is writing to me from her apt one time, then when internet is not working there, writing to me from an internet cafe.

Can i trace her emails and determine that she is sending those emails from her apt like she says and verify the location of those emails she says she sends from the internet cafe.

She uses Gmail and i use AOL.
I also have seen sites that say they can trace it, and show u a map of where the ip address is coming from.

If i send u the two email headers could someone tell me where they are originating from?

This would be a great help to my assurance of what is happening over there...thanks for you response.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi steelau, thanks for your question.

Since she's using Gmail, you may only get an IP from the header that belongs to Google. However, that's not always the case.

I just reviewed a header to a Gmail address from a Gmail address.

Just below the second 'Return-Path:' <[I]address_removed[/I]>

You should see 'Received: from' [LAN IP] (WAN IP).

Where the LAN IP is the local IP she's connected to...something like 192.168.x.x or 10.1.x.x and the WAN IP is her external IP....the IP we show on our homepage.

If you review the WAN IPs and see a difference chances are she is sending from more than one location.

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