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question_helpplease asked 3 years ago

hey guys im new on here so i dont exactly know what type of website this is but maybe someone could help me with my question...
so i have been visiting a forum site for a couple of months now and lately they have been posting not so nice things about me, i have an idea of who it might come from but i am not sure. therefor i would like to trace the ip address of the person who is opening these new topics...
is this possible yes or no and if so how do i start. i have already downloaden programs like wireshark and commview but i dont seem to know how to apply them in order to find the information that im in search of. 😮

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Are you able to get the IP they're posting from?

If so, the only information you'll be able to obtain is the city they live in and even that isn't always 100% accurate.

If all this person is doing is posting negative comments about you, I'm not sure why the admin wouldn't ban them and delete the posts as I'm sure they make absolute zero contribution to the site overall.

Have you contacted the site admin?

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