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Mike Ukay asked 3 years ago

hey guys,
i'm a newbe here and do not know much about computers. i've been reading quite a bit about ip addresses and stuff. here's the deal. i've been emailing a chick (supposedly) in omsk, russia. well, from her email (nansym at rocketmail dot com) ip: it says it's from uk. she did in fact say that russians have trouble registering there in russia and all that. actually, i noticed that most of the emails she sent me have slightly different ip numbers. anyway, would it be possible for someone in russia to get and account or email from the uk and still be able to email from russia? yes, i did read about online dating scams, too. i just want to show these idiots (if they in fact are messing with me) that we're smarter than them! i even tested my own ip and got my ip coordinates (lat and long) and entered those numbers on a website where will give you a map or even satellite image form those coordinates, but it showed a "point" pretty far from my real address. kind of close, though. is it possible to get a physical address from an ip? i'd love to be able to do that. i heard law enforcement agencies are able to pinpoint a physical address. i wonder how they do it. i just want to track them down. it's unbelievable how many people those bastards scam! they pretend to be pretty girls and fool and convince innocent lonely guys to send money thru western union and crap! although no matter how hot a chick could be i'd never send a cent! but, lots of folks fall for it! anyway, if someone interested in helping me out i's appreciate it. thanx guys.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Phantom,

In my opinion, it's really impossible to get a physical address to where an IP is tied. The way the cops do it is they go straight to the ISP with the IPs with dates/times when they were assigned to the particular person they are after. The ISP checks their IP assignment logs and see which customer had the IP at the time the cops are inquiring about and then give them the physical address from their customer records.

The best we, as everyday surfers can do is pretty much just narrow it down to a city...and sometimes that's not very accurate.

The IP you've posted, is assigned to Yahoo! Europe. And I believe Rocketmail uses Y!'s servers to send/receive. The IP is also blacklisted at SORBS and a couple of others, but not the majority of blacklist providers.

Check the email header for the line X-Originating IP and see what that address is....if that's available. We've tested here and you can get the originating IP from Hotmail but not Google....we haven't tested Yahoo!

The X-Originating IP will tell you the location the person is coming from....unless of course they're connected via a proxy....then it may just give you the proxy IP.

My suggestion would be to create another email address and alias for yourself. Email this "girl" and when "she" replies, say "hey, I see you're emailing from Italy" or another country other than the UK. If/when "she" says yes, then you've caught her in a lie. If "she" says " email comes through the UK", then that'll be tough to decipher.

If you could get "her" to go to our homepage and tell you what the IP says, that would be a good way. We show the originating IP and not the proxy IP. Maybe you can tell "her" that you're going to help "her" sign straight on from Russia without having to go through the UK, but you need "her" IP.

Or....tell "her" you're going to send "her" you're going to send her money, but need a physical address. 😀

Good luck. I'm interested to know how this turns out.

Alex Mckenzie answered 3 years ago

There might be chances that she's using a vpn to protect her real location. 

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