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wimiadmin Staff asked 3 years ago

AboveTheLogic and I did a little test with Hotmail. I sent him an e-mail from my Hotmail account using the Windows Live Mail application (the replacement to Outlook Express) installed on my laptop from my home network.

When he received the e-mail, my IP was in the X-Originating-IP in the message header.

I then logged into the Hotmail website and sent another e-mail from there. Low and behold, my IP was still in the X-Originating-IP section.

So, without a doubt, we've proven that an IP can be traced from Hotmail. However, if the person logs in to Hotmails website from a Proxy may prove differently.


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waelanwar answered 3 years ago

could you explain that method

aziernest answered 3 years ago

Hi WIMIadmin & AboveTheLogic,

Today, I was just trying to check an email header and I see that there is no option in hotmail that allows you to see x-originating IP.
Upon my research I have observed that the "Classic" version of hotmail webmail do not gives you an option to see header, if you want to see headers you must have to switch to full version.
Below are the steps required to check headers of an email received at hotmail.

• Log into Hotmail.
• Click on "Options" tab on the top navigation bar.
• Under Options you will see the following message, "You are using the classic version of Windows Live Hotmail. Have a fast connection and want more features? Try the full version to see message previews in your inbox. (It's free, too.)"
• Click on the "Try the full version" link.
• Click on "I want the Free Upgrade..", button
• To view the full email message header, right click the email message displayed in your list of messages. A menu will pop-up. Click on the View source option in this menu, and a new window will open. This window will display the full email headers.

Hope it helps:)

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