Trace an e-mail from Gmail

wimiadmin Staff asked 3 years ago

AboveTheLogic and I did a little test with Gmail. I sent him an e-mail from my Gmail account via Outlook. The only IP displayed in the header when he received it was registered to Google.

My home IP did not show up in the message header whatsoever even though I sent the e-mail from my laptop on my network via e-mail.

Since my IP didn't show up there, we didn't bother testing an e-mail from the Gmail website.

You'll need to be careful though. Certain e-mail programs will include your NAT IP in the message header. Thunderbird is one of those apps.


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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Yep, thunderbird does that.

Kinda sucks...

aziernest answered 3 years ago

It's quite strange however it sounds interesting that gmail keeps your email untraceable to some extent.
BTW, I just tried sending an email from gmail web-based version to my hotmail, and can confirm that even gmail's webmail is also not showing ip.

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Here's an interesting article. Google lets Gmail give away your location

kaz110 answered 3 years ago


so if i was to email from my account to my other gmail account is it correct that it cannot be traced that one person is using both accounts?? does yahoo do this or hotmail? or are all of these traceble?

Jonny Quick answered 3 years ago

I looked at my Header from an e-mail I sent from one of my gmail accounts to another, and it clearly shows not only my IP Address, but also the name of the computer in my network that it came from.

What is up with that?

Does Gmail change it's policy from user to user, or what?

kumae kumawat answered 3 years ago

Hai i want to take the IP address from which i got a mail
sender is also Gamil account holder and reciver is also gmail account holder

gmail to gmail how to find the IP address of the sender

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