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alexacaos81 asked 3 years ago

I sent an email with threats, reading the message source code of computer discovery is known as a know your ip and I can show you is the one who sent that message, try to see if the cmd ipconfig throws put in my ip but different from what you mark as my ip on your page, as I can find out my ip without entering your page, I want to know when we show that e-mail threatening her and have the same ip address to show as each computer has its own ip

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

I'm not very certain what you asking here.

Possibly that someone sent you a threat by email and you are having a problem with IP's in the email header trying to figure out who it was.???

If this is the case, the first thing I would recommend is contacting the Police.

The IP address you get when you type "ipconfig" at the command prompt is not usually going to match the IP you will see when you visit our home page. The IP our site shows would be called your external IP address. The IP you see at the command prompt would be your internal IP address if you have a router installed. Sometimes the router is built in to the DSL modem so you may not be aware of it. Most routers assign internal addresses in the 192.168.0.XXX, or ranges. That would be the internal IP.

An email header can be difficult to read. There are several IP's listed. Usually the originating IP, The Destination IP and the IP of the two servers that handled the email in route and also the IP of any possible antivirus servers that may have been used to scan the email by either the sender or any of the email servers that handled it. You would need to determine which is the originating IP. That would be the external IP of the sending location.

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