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eleanor asked 3 years ago

I had a network set up for my desktop and 2 laptops using a wireless dlink n router connected to cable internet service. I have a tenant who changed all my settings using a Teredo Tunnel system. Now, I can only get wireless through his connection (he deleted mine) and my computers are showing his adapter instead of their own. I cannot set up another wireless connection or delete him from my network. Anything I do to stop his wireless connection also makes me unable to connect. Would someone please help. Thank you. Eleanor
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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

There are clearly at least two strategies:

1) Ask your tenant why he has taken over your equipment?
This sounds like anti-social behavior by your tenant - however he may believe he's helping you in some way. So go softly.

If you're not satisfied, you could declare war and adopt strategy 2:
2) Read the manual to reset the equipment to its factory settings. Then use static IP address. Disable DHCP (and possibly wireless) to freeze him out of the network. Additionally you can probably declare wireless to be only available on specified MAC addresses which will freeze him out of the Wireless network. (This MAC has nothing to do with Apple computers - it's a unique address associated with every network adapter).

Good Luck.

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