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tazio asked 4 years ago

I have my laptop connected to my wireless LAN at home.
I want to give access to my laptop to people in remote areas through telnet.
Right now the actual setup is that the ADSL came comes from he wall and goes into the ADSL modem then from ADSL modem to Wireless router.
I have my Desktop connected physically with the wireless router (i don't care about this desktop as it is for kids to play)
The network between my laptop and the wireless router is 192.X.X.X.
When i go to what is my ip i have ip 69.Y.Y.Y.
My first question will be where is this IP 69.Y.Y.Y located ?Is it on the modem ? or Is it on the wireless router facing the modem?
When i telnet the ip 69.Y.Y.Y from putty it reached somewhere which requires login and password,but i don't know if it is the modem.
I read on the internet that to make telnet work from remote i will need to insert a cisco router in between the modem and the wireless router and then do some natting on the cisco router.
Before doing anything i want to get some advice if this is do-able and if this is the correct way.
Thanks a lot in advance

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

My first question is why telnet? Why not SSH?

Telnet may actually cause problems. Most network connected devices are set up to accept telnet connections. Like your ADSL modem and your router. Not saying they do accept those connections, but it's possible. If either one of them accepts telnet connections then port forwarding may not work. Let's say someone is connecting to the 69.x.x.x IP address you mention via telnet software. If either your ADSL modem or router accept these connections, it's quite possible that the connection will never make it to your laptop. If neither device does accept telnet, then you're in the clear. Just forward the telnet port (23) to your laptop in the routers interface.

You could probably customize this port to prevent hack attempts. I'm sure there's a way to change the standard open port on your laptop via Regedit. Then users would connect using 69.x.x.x:customport so the example would look like where is the IP you see on our homepage and 25000 is the custom setting you put in place on the laptop.

The 69.x.x.x address is assigned either to your ADSL modem or to the router. If you login to the routers interface via your browser you should be able to find a 'status' page. This will tell you the WAN IP. If it's the 69.x.x.x address, then that's the device....if not, then your ADSL modem is being assigned your external IP address.

tazio answered 4 years ago

Hello Everybody,
That is amazing the number of positive replies i got for my first post.
I learnt a lot just in the first posting.
For sure i will work on SSH instead of telnet.Dah to do some reading to get it clear what is the difference between Telnet and SSH,i think now am clear.
Also need to confirm that there is no ip on my wireless router which implies that ip is on my ADSL modem.
Had to figure out how to access th modem and finally did but before doing aby port forwarding i want to take a snapshot of the config and then do the changes on the modem.
Hope this will work and i will let you guys know what happened.
Thanks a lot for your help

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