Maggie Dolly asked 3 years ago

Dear admin.Thank a billion for sorry,i wish you are not annoyful by me.Whats email header?can't i trace that person who has sent me email two years ago through email header?if I check his email header how much information about her/him will I get?and most importantly,will the email header show correct information after two years?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Email headers are described here:

You can get the IP info of the person who sent the email, BUT as I've said before it's extremely unlikely the person who sent this has the same IP as when they sent the email.

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

[Reply from Maggie Dolly]I have found the name of computer as 'georgina'.would that be of any kind of help?are you telling me in other words that it is impossible to trace this person now?if there is any possibility then please you tell me no possibility there?Thank you for your answers.

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Maggie. I will only ask you one more time to reply to your question within this same thread. DO NOT start a new question every single time. If this happens again, I will delete your new questions and no longer reply.

Anyone can name their computer georgina. If you know a georgina, the email could've come from their computer but with so much time passing, there's no way to 100% prove this fact. Keep in mind that because the computers name is georgina does not mean georgina sent the email. If you decide to determine that the email came from georgina's computer, it also doesn't mean Georgina sent the email if others have access to her computer. There are simply too many variables to prove who sent the email.

Remember, if you have another question related to this question, keep it in the same thread.

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