Suddenly can’t print over wifi from w7

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sjnomads asked 3 years ago

I came home from a trip and can't print anymore over wifi. Nothing changed on the wifi system. Here is what I have:

Lenovo laptop windows 7 Pro, service pack 1, 64 bit
Epson printer NX625
Brother printer MFC-685CW
Apple Airport Extreme
Apple Airport express as extender

I can scan from the Epson printer but not print over wifi. Ran a USB cable and can print over it.
I can't print to the Brother which worked before.
I can print from a desktop to the Brother over wifi.
I have tried uninstalling the printers, shutting down firewall, reconfigured the whole wifi network, nothing helps.
I can connect to the desktop over wifi and save files on it's hard drive.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for the thorough post. You've done some good troubleshooting.

When something like this has happened to me in the past, it's usually because a DNS setting has lingered in my laptop from one of the wifi networks I connected to.

On your laptop, open a command prompt. Start, Run, CMD.

At the prompt type ipconfig /flushdns

Then renew your lease on your IP.

See if that helps.

Can you print over wifi to the Epson from the desktop?

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