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fixmycom asked 3 years ago

I have several VPS servers that host websites for my clients and myself, I am in Australia and moved away from a city (coffs harbour) which had good broadband facilities to the countryside outside bellingen. There is no service available here except wireless 3G broadband - and the two main service providers down under, optus and telstra do not offer a static ip on wireless, only cable or landline. I need to have a static IP for the HyperVM master server on each VPS to allow me access to the HyperVM Control panels on my servers. Currently i raise a ticket with support to whitelist me in the Master server with the dynamically allocated IP which i get the address of by using this website. It can take hours if they are busy. Secondly as Telstra uses a bodgey approach to ip, they use NAT and subnets so my IP can change several times a login session, forcing me to resend the request for whitelisting, Can anyone give me help on a legitamate workaround for this issue.
thanx 😡  😡

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

I actually don't know of *any* wireless carrier that offers static IP's.

You you actually need static IP Addresses, or can a static hostname suffice? The latter have a variety of dynamic DNS services that can work.  One such service is I've never used them myself, but I've heard of them for years.

If you need a static IP Address, that may tough outside of some kind of application proxy service, I suppose.

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