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TClark asked 3 years ago

Hello all, I'm here for possible answers to a problem I'm having.
I have a business site and have a great deal of time invested in it.
For some reason I cannot get on THAT site, nor can I log into C-Panel, or a couple sites my buddy has with the same hosting company. BUT, I can go a mile from the house and comes right up at the library.
I was working on it yesterday morning, no problem, no problems ever. Last night and all day today I cannot get it to come up.
I have Comcast and have had for years.
SO, could it be my IP addy all of a sudden? /a Router thing (which I know nothing about) EVERY other site I regularly go to I don't have a problem at all.
I'm 63, had a heart transplant June 7th and don't need this stress. Please help the boy. 🙂

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question TClark.

Your problem may be related to your IP address. Most of the hosting companies use some type of filtering to reduce the number of attacks on their servers. With Comcast, your IP is linked to the MAC address of the first device connected to the Cable Modem. As long as that device doesn't change, your IP should remain the same.

To get a different IP in the interest of seeing if it solves your problem, you need to change the MAC address of your Router, assuming your router is separate from your Modem. Most current routers have an option to clone the WAN or Internet MAC address which is what you want to do. There is usually a button to clone the MAC of the computer you are connected to the router with. That would be easiest. After you change the MAC in the Router, you MUST power off the Router AND the Modem by unplugging the power to them. Then restart ONLY the Modem and give it a minute to boot, then start the Router. Some Modems have a switch on the top that disconnects them from the Internet, that WILL NOT do the job. You have to remove the power cord from the Modem. You may need to restart your computers to get them back on the Internet also but not always.

If a new IP does not resolve the problem, call the hosting company to see if they are blocking you somehow.

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