Strange, please help.

Charlotte asked 3 years ago

Sorry about opening another thread, but my problem seems to be unique and doesn't fit anyplace else.

[U]Starting at the beginning[/U] - About a month ago, I was banned from a message board while using Firefox. If one of the Mods here needs the name of the board, I can PM it to you, but not knowing if it is etiquette here, I won't post it yet.

When I was banned, I was logged into my user name at the time, please keep that in mind, because this whole thing is weird to me. When I went to re-log back into the site, I couldn't even get TO the site while NOT logged in. It instead showed my "ban notice", but not the page itself.

So, I created a new name, AND downloaded Safari, got right in and have been posting for a month under a new name using only Safari. So yesterday, someone on the board decided to tell the Moderator that my new name was me, and the Mod. banned that name too. Again, I created a new name using Safari, re-registered and was in, but after I made one single post, now I can only access their "limited" page, (where they won't let you post), but can get no further.

After that, I went to my other computer and wasn't able to get to the site on that computer either, so now they've apparently banned my IP number. I also tried using a proxy (anonymizer) and can't get in that way either.

My point is this. Obviously, I wasn't banned the first time using Firefox by using my IP. My IP wasn't banned, or I wouldn't have been able to use Safari on that same computer to get right back in.

I have cleared cookies, history, etc. on both browsers on my computer and still nothing.

My questions:

1. How did they ban ONLY a browser on my computer the first time when they banned Firefox? How can they access my actual browser?

2. I assume that short of purchasing a new router so as to change my IP#, there is no other way to change my IP....BUT....even if I DO purchase another router, have they again, somehow, attached something to my browser for me not to be able to access the site? Therefore, buying another router would do no good?

I'm pretty computer literate as far as navigating my way around, finding files on my computer, sending, uploaded, downloading, etc., but I do not have a Tech. mind, so any help you could give me on at LEAST explaining what has gone on here, and what they did and how they did it, (especially tampering with my browser, that makes no sense!), I would greatly appreciate it.

And if you could tell me how to fix it, I will name my next-born child after you. 😀

Thank you!

2 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

This is odd.

If the site banned firefox, they would have to do it on multiple if statements because UserAgents are very similar. They can't just ban Firefox because that would ban all Firefox visitors. Since you cleared your cookies, history, etc. that foils my suspicion that it was based on just your username and because you were logged in with Firefox you continued to get the ban message and would until you logged out....but wouldn't be able to since you could no longer access the site.'re correct that they've probably banned your IP now so until it changes, chances are you won't be able to get back in.

They can have proxy detection built in and still see your real IP address....but....some proxies are better at masking your IPs than others.

So it doesn't look like you'll be naming your first kid wimiadmin, but hopefully these answers help a little bit. 😉

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago


If I can step back a little from where wimiadmin took you, I reread your first post, and you didn't mention clearing cookies, cache, etc, until after you started using Safari.

So based on that, I think it was a ban based on your login cookie. It probably kept some kind of reference ID active, even though you logged out.

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