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joeybee asked 3 years ago

Qa) So after reading the threads, if I want to trace an email back to the source the best email address to use would be a Hotmail account? Reason being is that the header is cleaner and it clearly lists the originating IP, (assuming it is not spam). Correct?

Qb) Is there a tool that exists that will read the Hotmail address then look up the IP automatically rather than going through WHOis?

My ultimate goal is to find which commercial ESP is sending the email, (Constant Contact, CheetahMail, Responsys, Exact Target etc.)on behalf of the

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question joeybee.

Aa) Having a complete and accurate header involves both the receiving server and the sending server including the information you want. Hotmail is not necessarily going to provide you all of what you want.

Ab)There may be such a tool but I don't know of any. They will need to use a whois database regardless.

MoonPoint answered 3 years ago

It is fairly easy to view the message headers for an email message for email sent to a Hotmail account - I've posted instructions here. But other web-based email viewers and email clients such as Outlook, etc. can also show you those same message headers, revealing the path an email message has taken from a sending system to your account.

If you are already receiving these email messages at one of your existing email accounts you may be able to view the message headers for those messages now. But without knowing what existing email client you may be using, e.g., Outlook, etc., or what web-based service you may be using for checking messages for the account already receiving those messages, it isn't possible to provide you with specific instructions for the existing account.

From your message, it sounds like you want to create a new email account and sign up for the retailer's mailing list using that new email account to learn what commercial service the retailer is using for its mailing list.

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