Static IP from anywhere on any ISP how?

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cayview asked 3 years ago


I am in sales and we are required to log onto our company's intranet
from remote locations usually our home or office. As a security
measure, the company has required us all to have static IP from our
ISP's. Our company then lists these static IP addresses as OK to
access the system. If the IP address is not listed the company intranet will
not allow you to log on. So dynamic IP's from an ISP does not work as it is always changing and when it changes it will not be on the security list. Also this means I cannot log on when I travel as most hotels have dynamic IP systems and even if I list the current IP with the intranet administrator is changes and then I am locked out again. I would like to set up a system where my IP address never changes regardless of the ISP I am logging on from. Is this possible?

Is there a way I can appear to have a static IP address, the same one every time regardless of where I am when I log onto the intranet remotely even if I at a location that is not my home office isp and is dynamic?

I hope this is clear. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please let me know, and thank you.

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago


Your company's approach to security makes no sense to me. At work, we use VPN and it works well. I don't know how this gets setup - I'm in engineering not IT. I suspect somebody in the IT group of your company is inventing a home-made static IP address solution to security instead of using popular and secure standards.

You'll get nowhere trying to change people who have impossed stupidity on their organizations. Your best hope is that someone in management with courage and brains deals with this nonsense.

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