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FIRETREASURER asked 4 years ago

Good Morning,

I have always used this site to check my Fios Speed, and have always seen 20 down and 5 up. For the last couple of days, I have not been able to get higher than 12 / 2.5. When I test using other speed tests, I see 19-20 / 4.5 - 5. Does anyone know what may be causing the issue here.

I look forward to your responses. Thank you for your help

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Fire,

Thanks for your question and thanks for using our speed test app.

There could be a couple of issues. Our speed test app provider recently did some code changes and may be still in sort of a 'beta' period. They're quick about getting things resolved so I can't imagine this being the problem, but it's a possibility.

The next possibility is the location from you to the server performing the speed test. Prior to the recent changes, when I was performing a test, the datacenter chosen was in New York. Now, the datacenter is showing Atlanta, which is much closer resulting in faster speeds.

Are you testing using multiple tools at the same time or varying times during the day as this may affect results.

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