spammers got alias e-mail from my website!

greenstone asked 2 years ago

I'm the webmaster (albeit with little experience) for my husband's website. Today my [email protected] e-mail is being bombarded with hundreds of mailer daemons about their messages about Viagra and sex with nurses, etc. My husband is a respected photographer, and if any of these get to the wrong people it could be disastrous.

I know the originating IP address of all these. Is there any way to send this idiot an e-mail with a warning, or can I report him/her to the NCC or is there anything at all I can do to stop these?? Any help would be appreciated.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

There's probably not much you can do to the person sending the spam.

What you can do however is delete the [email protected] account and create a new one with a different name.

Then when you post it on the page, put it up as a picture.

The downfall is, users can't click it and have an email open directly.

M K answered 7 months ago

Add SPF records to the DNS for your domain, that only allow outgoing email from your web host and your ISP.
That will mean that all reputable email services will refuse to accept email "from" anything@your.domain, unless it's sent from those two services; this should protect your husband's reputation.
Look for an SPF record for your ISP and use an include: tag to link to it, rather than copying it. If you have a static IP at home you might want to add that too, using an a: tag.

M K answered 7 months ago

I recommend against dropping [email protected].
Dropping the address will do nothing stop spam being sent from it; nor will it stop people from assuming the spam comes from you or your husband.
This is the standard address pattern used by almost all websites, so that their operators can be notified when there's a problem with their website.
If you don't have it, most people will simply give up and say "I'm tried to do you a favor, but if you can't be bothered having a [email protected] email, I can't be bothered going to any more effort to help you".

Alex Mckenzie answered 7 months ago

I am also experiencing too much spam on a daily basis, any suggestion on how to get rid of these unwanted emails? 

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