Sometimes can’t access this website, Why?

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XANA asked 3 years ago


Now, when I mean this website, I'm referring to WIMI and not another site.

I have a VPN connection that I use, and sometimes I can't access this site because it tells me my computer is 'infected'.

Except, it's not infected, it's never been infected either, and it's on all my computers which I have checked time and time again with various AVs (+ standalone programs).

This message doesn't just show up on my computers, but on all my devices connected to the same router (that my VPN runs off of).

Like my Wii, it shows up there too and I highly doubt any viruses of the usual sort actually exist for the Wii; and my Google TV device.

The VPN network (and hence my network, since we have DHCP enabled) uses the Google Public DNS servers so I don't think they're able to change DNS results to point somewhere else (but maybe they can).

So, is there any thing I can do?

Whenever the message comes up, it tells me to either A) fill in the verification code (which doesn't show up) or B) contact the website owner to temporarily whitelist me (but I am not looking to do that, I just want to find out what's going on).

Part of it is cut off, so here is the cut-off text:

Why am I seeing this page?
This website is participating in a project to stop attacks and educate visitors with infected computers about how they can clean up their machines.

What should I do?
Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and run a full scan.

When will this restriction go away?
This restriction will disappear when no more harmful behavior is detected. Completing the challenge above proves you are a human and gives you temporary access. You can ask the website owner to permanently whitelist you.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

It seems that you are using more of a proxy than a VPN. Every time you connect to our site, you have a different IP address. I can tell you that the IP you had in a previous post would have been rejected by all 4 of my webservers. The host is known to allow malicious proxy connections from Russia and Romania.

I suspect that the cloudflare servers are using something to detect and block known troublesome proxies. It could also be your ISP redirecting you for the same reasons.

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