Someone is threatening me through Hotmail

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Neb-X asked 3 years ago

Hi, I need desperate help. My current girlfriend is being threatened by her X-boyfriend. He turned into a stalker freak...apparently he hates me and wants to make my life a living ****. She hacked into my facebook account and now my e-mail. The guy is now threatening me sending me e-mails and to my girlfriend. I just want to trace him so I can handle this situation and put a stop to it. I'm all new to this and I was wondering if someone could be of some assistance.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

If you know it's him, why do you need to trace him?

When you say your girlfriend hacked your facebook account and your email, whose side is she on?

I'm sure you can file a report with the local police so you'll have something on official record and they can guide you further with the legal aspect.

As far as getting his IP, if you'll read our How To Trace An Email From Hotmail thread, it'll explain.

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