Someone is spamming my mail

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Cody Robertson Staff asked 3 years ago

How can I stop this , because some mails are from legitime entreprises like by example VOLVO, Ducatti, Loreal and some demmand a confirmation by mail to include the mail in the news-letter tath comes everyday into my inbox

Cheers Cara

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

There is not a good coverall method of deterring spam emails. If your using email through your ISP, they should have some kind of spam protection on their site. If your using hotmail, google, yahoo, etc, they also have spam filters that can be activated. You would still need to periodically check the spam folder for legitimate emails though because spam filters are no where near perfect.

To reduce the amount of spam, there are two things a person can do.

First, don't open any email from anyone you don't know or didn't request email from. Emails often have a return receipt attached to them that tell the spammers that the email address is active. Sometimes they use remote content to learn that as well. If you open the email, you just flagged your account active so the amount of spam you receive will increase.

Second don't singup for things on websites that you don't really need. All of those newsletters and update emails are a method of collecting email addresses to sell.

Most spam is sent by bot computers that use two basic methods of determining who to send to. The method mentioned above tells them that the account is being checked by someone. The fact that the email didn't bounce back tells them that the email was at least received.

I use email through my ISP and have setup Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client. It is set to deny all remote content and also to never send a return receipt. I get occasional bouts of spam but I am very strict in applying the rules I mentioned so they usually don't last very long.

Another thing to do that can help reduce the amount of spam for everyone is to ALWAYS remove other email addresses from every email you decide to forward and when you send something to multiple people use BCC in your client software. That stands for Blind Carbon Copy and means that the list of recipients is not contained in the email. Each person only see's their own address or "undisclosed recipients". This helps because when a bot virus takes over a computer, it starts sending spam to every address it can find on the computer including addresses that are in other emails.

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