Someone has stolen my Mac off phone ? And been hacked via outlook email for over 4 yr

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsSomeone has stolen my Mac off phone ? And been hacked via outlook email for over 4 yr
Nat cooper asked 3 years ago

Can someone please tell me who has my mac off my iPhone 6s, a few year back, had a intruder in block flats I lived in,, (going in and out of my home) I know they bridged my router, keep shutting my laptop down, saw something like dr Watson, everything seems to be covered in Windows files, and it’s like someone as stuck usb in and controllin everythin,, my maps on phone say I’m somewhere totally different on phone can someone plz help me,, appreciate a simple way, iv since moved house, police waste of time xx and really need a good hearted person to help me Plz xxx

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Lets decipher one issue at a time.

1. The phone. When you say your maps on your phone shows you in a different location, is that when you're connected to your Wifi or cellular? If it's both, then it's definitely an issue. Which maps program are you using? Look at your location in Apple maps and install Google maps and look at your location there as well to make sure they match up. Now, if you're talking about your IP address location, that's not going to be 100% accurate regardless if you're on Wifi or cellular.

2. The PC. Dr. Watson is debugger software that comes with windows and is most likely not the problem. I would suggest installing and running anti malware software like Microsoft has a program called Security Essentials that is free and may already be installed and working. I would also suggest changing your login password AFTER you run malware bytes and clear any errors.

3. It probably wouldn't hurt to reset your router as well. Go to the manufacturers support section of their website to learn how to reset. Once reset, if that's the option you choose, make sure your wifi password is set to something strong so intruders can't get in. It would also be wise to set a strong password for your router admin access vs. using the default login and password.

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