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GrizzlTooth asked 4 years ago

I am attempting to set up a VPN server using my Windows Vista PC. I run a linksys E series router that allows VPN passthrough. My ISP is via DHCP. My confusion comes with the IP addressing. As I understand I need to use an externally accessible IP address on my VPN Server. What I do notice is that my internet IP address, while set up as DHCP, it seems to always remain the same. My router is set up as, I think, while my internet ip address is like or something along those lines. (I'm at work and can input more specifics tonight). That being said, if I can ping my internet IP address from an host not on my network or ISP connection, should I use that as my VPN server's IP address? Is a service such as DynDNS my only option without a static IP from my ISP? If I can ping my internet IP address externally, and I have to use that as my VPN server IP, is there any ramifications to do so?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

You'll need to read up on port forwarding for that router. But since it allows VPN pass through that may just need to be set to 'enabled' if it's not already.

Your router will need to know which computer on your local network serves as the server and that's where you'll put in the 192.168.x.x number.

Then, to access your VPN externally, you'll need to enter your IP address in to whatever VPN software you use.

GrizzlTooth answered 4 years ago

One last post before I turn in...I do notice that my ISP does not block port 1723, which as I understand is needed to accommodate inbound and outbound VPN traffic. I do see that port 80 is blocked. I think I'm going to go hit a public WiFi spot tomorrow and test it again. I believe my friend is running a WRT54G router with the factory loaded software on it, so I imagine that would prevent him from being able to hit my VPN. So, we'll see! I'll post an update tomorrow unless I get a post on here that makes me think a test is a waste of time.

GrizzlTooth answered 4 years ago

Thought I'd post an update. I managed to get my first VPN set up! I am able to connect into my home network now from anywhere in the world, provided the router I connect through allows a VPN connection! I've confirmed that my friend who tried to connect the other night didn't have his router set up for the connection. You're right...a successful ping cmd on my WAN ip doesn't necissarily equal whether or not a VPN connection will work.

Regarding the Dynamic DNS service, thanks for the clarification. I find it interesting that my ISP hardly ever changes my WAN ip. Additionally, the Dynamic service no-ip (along with others i'm sure) requires that my router open up port 80 or 8080. For the life of me I am not able to succesfully connect to port 80 or 8080 through my WAN IP when I test it online via a port test. When I go to a site to test whether or not it's open, the connection fails everytime. However, I am able to open and connect to 1723. Is it possible that somehow my ISP has blocked these two ports? I find that hard to believe since port 80 is what's allowing me to view web sites and such...correct?

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